In gearing up for Chicago Marathon training, which starts June 12 for me (WHOA SO SOON), I eagerly jumped
back on the Runner’s World Running Streak challenge. To complete this particular challenge, runners must run at least one mile a day every day between Memorial Day and July 4. I’ve come close to completing this challenge the last holiday go-round between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, and this time, I’m gonna finish it!

What makes it different this time? I am thankful for kinder circumstances, and I’ve been actively working on positive thoughts in reaffirming habits and encouraging myself to be consistent and get ‘er done. This week has been a great one for that.

Last Sunday, in preparation for the streak and marathon training, I set up my mantras for the marathon and visibly wrote them so that I can meditate on each for days in their turn. Helping with Mission Lionheart.


And Monday, the games began! I’m using this training period to compare Nike+ and Runkeeper and run as many miles for Girls on the Run on Charity Miles.

Ran a couple miles in the heat of the day on the tiny trail loop in my backyard. Rewarded myself with some vitamin D poolside and iced coffee. (Which I am OBSESSED with making my own. Always some on hand in my fridge). GREAT way to kick off summer!

Enjoyed a couple miles on the trail again until my shoes and socks fought a little bit. Listened to a couple running podcasts in French, which made my heart so happy. (Social media and Runner’s World France for the win!)

Took a quick nap and woke up to fit a quick mile in before helping some coworkers finish moving their stuff. #allthestairs

Drug this lady along for a couple trail miles before we surprised her with a bridal shower at a wine room! It was so great to chat with her on this run and then share a really good meal with friends celebrating her. And someone kindly bought our table champagne to kick it up a notch!

Friday20140601-163012-59412176.jpgWhen I left the office, it was lightning storming like it tends to in Central FL. THANKFULLY, the weather cleared enough for me to squeeze a 5k in prior to meeting up with Steph for more miles and fireworks.
And like the champs we are, we caught two Disney firework shows. Typical adventures.

Spent the day at Magic Kingdom and got some walking in there; got some overdue car repairs done, and ran an 11th hour celebratory mile. It felt great to put my little legs and the Scantron tank through its paces. Color this heavy FL sweater really impressed.

Greatly looking forward to the running coming up this week, with the Heartbreak Hill Half festival this weekend. My first trip to Boston, and I’ll be running the Hat Trick! In the meantime, carboloading with these beauties.


Are you streaking this summer or running the Heartbreak Hill Half? Any must dos or must eats in Boston?