On the eve of departing for Washington DC, I’m finally getting really excited for Nike Women’s Hald. Gonna squeeze some family and friends time in the middle of a tiny bit of sightseeing, and OH YEAH, RUNNING A SWEET RACE. I’ve spent the morning in one of my favorite pre-race rituals: finalizing my race day playlist. This usually focus in on my strategy if in running a race by myself. My A goal is 2:00, my B goal is 2:10 (a PR) and my C goal is have a FANFLIPPINTASTIC time. I’ve actually watched my nutrition this week as a case study for June and impending marathon training, and have put a lot more thought into fueling than I did for Glass Slipper (while a fun time, I FAILED at arriving at the start line prepared with full glycogen stores).

To execute my goals, I still have to remind myself to negative split and start out slow. The songs below have a more gentle feel to them for the first few miles to remind me to slow and enjoy (not my first instinct). The songs get faster and have higher BPM and general drive as I go. Some very old favorites (sure did sneak a song from A Goofy Movie in there) and tried and true (for me) British pop will help carry through and be ready to drop the hammer like SHALANE (serious hero after this week). And no matter what happens, goal-wise, I am pretty excited to walk away with my first piece of Tiffany’s!

Are you running DC this weekend? Do you have a go to playlist or formulate a new list for each race?