In case you weren’t on any social media platform with me today, you probably know I finished the Walt Disney World Marathon this morning. And I cannot coherently describe right now what a wonderful race it was for me or my exceeding joy at this moment. Good luck wiping this smile off my face.


Before I took a nap this afternoon, I jotted down some race stats that better illustrate what happened today while I’m waiting for a little more coherence:

Pre race…
Breakfast: bagel, chex mix, and tall Americano
Ritual: sit in back of corral, anxiously check social media, distract myself with Monday kaling’s masterpiece, chat with running pals im surprised to find.
Opinions on festivities: best yet. Hard to top Dave macgillivray speaking and Jeff galloway talking running etiquette.

Race by the numbers:
Character stops: 3
Roller coasters: 1
Animals petted: 2 ( sheep and pig!)
Photos of mile markers: all 26!
Bananas consumed on course: 3
Shot blocks: 15
GI Issues: 0! ( think this had to do with real food and very limited powerade)
Times I cried: 6
Times I cried tears of joy between miles 23-finish: 4
Blisters forming and popping: 2
Friends hugged at water stops: 3
Podcasts listened to: 4
Song that was a sign : many the miles at mile 25.5 (on random, where I always put it if I make a playlist for pace)
Battery charge on my phone when I crossed the finish: 1%
Things I wanted to eat after an hour: ALL OF THEM
Times I consciously felt my running happy: TOO MANY.
Times I saw Mickey Mouse: 3
Times I judged Flynn Rider: 1


Thank you SO MUCH for the overwhelming support and virtual cheering. I can’t wait to share even more details of this race with you! Couldn’t be prouder and I know I have it all I had.