I would be lying to you right now if I said I wasn’t scared of what is about to happen on Sunday. I honestly expect none of it to be pretty and to shed a few tears, but I’ve created a conservative game plan with a little optimistic kick at the end if there is energy and spunk to spare.

Fuel? CHECK.

Outfit? Still weather stalking…TBD…but knowing how tough a time I have choosing even shorts for runs, this could get interesting.

Tunes? half check? I’ve downloaded some podcasts: a few of How Stuff Works and No Meat Athlete to distract me…and will probably download the first Harry Potter in French for some real distraction (is that REALLY what male French Hermione would say?)

Self-permission to zone and reflect? 100% check. I am looking forward to this being my own race and just enjoying it as best I can.  Hoping to run into some of my pals out there and see everyone supporting and representing, but honestly? A little introspection could do a world of good for me.

Confidence? still working on it. I have not gotten the consistent training I wanted, and I am looking forward to the goal marathon that I put in the work. That will not be this race, and it scares me, but I think it’s a healthy respect, and if nothing else, will build confidence in my abilities.

I am strong and free.

In the meantime, I greatly look forward to giving back and volunteering at the other races and learning about the race management side.  And seeing and encouraging old and new pals out there on the courses.

Will you be running this weekend at the WDW Marathon weekend? Any tips for a first time marathoner a week out?