I’ll let you finish your air guitar solo to Livin on a Prayer… Okay maybe more than halfway, but still very proud to stick with this

This week was a fun one with a fun run and virtual run thrown in my mileage. Working 2 jobs continues to present unique challenges and in a way simplifies when I can run. The night time runs have been my favorite, because for some reason, everyone turns off their Christmas lights before 6am?! Where’s the fun in that?


Tuesday morning, I woke up to 48 degree weather (heat waves compared to many of your climes, I know), and could not get myself out of bed between sleep needed and Florida wimpiness. I decided to get creative and technical with the streak. I knew I’d be off at 11:30 and could squeeze a mile in before midnight, and then could do Wednesday’s mileage just after. So I did just that. Ended up doing THE fastest mile of the streak, and music-less!


And then 20 minutes later, finished up Wednesday’s mileage.


This streak has also been great in seeing how consistency is paying off even in getting little mileage in. Already I am at my 3rd highest month for 2013 (granted, this year has not been my strongest) and it is inspiring me to keep going for 2014.

Saving Mr. Banks

Guys, saw this last night, and good gracious, I am still processing all the emotions along with it. It’s is definitely one of those movies that sticks with you long after. The story of PL Travers is so compelling and it was touching to see her true love for Mary Poppins. Without getting into too many spoilers, I loved seeing the general process (though condensed) of winning PL Travers over, the people who bothered to get to know her (Walt taking specific time to figure it out to do his business), and the way she was wooed by the company (which is EXACTLY what still happens today). The music was moving, and I would love to know how much of her childhood was dramatized. It did all pull together for a thought-provoking film, and is certainly my favorite of the year.

Between listening to Thomas Newton’s compositions for the Saving Mr. Banks soundtrack and the Julie Andrews Hallmark CD I grew up listening to each Christmas, I’m set for a day of holiday nostalgia and gratitude.

How is your winter running going? Any plans to see Saving Mr. Banks?